Skyway Consulting: your home- and e-business support team



Got a copywriting need? Need something edited? We write and edit like crazy and know how to build search-engine optimization into website or blog content. Click <b>Copywriting & Editing</b> for more info! Bear Can Help! Our IT folks (OK, just one folk: Bear) can troubleshoot and fix (or set up) your home or small-business computer or computer network. Click <b>Computer Support</b> for more info!
We do them! In fact we can manage the entire process for you. Click <b>Websites & Web Content</b> for more info!
Need graphics? We can create logos, personalized clip art, and other decor for your website, letterhead, posters, business cards... and even spiff up and (in many cases) restore old photos, too. Click <b>Image Editing</b> for more info!
We can put your images into beautiful HD videos. We have a lot of fun creating short videos to be used as Internet or television advertising. We do event and special-project videos, too. Click <b>Video Editing</b> for more info!
Huh? Who needs email-list management? If you want an easy way to send out updates, special offers, and sales alerts to your clients without putting them at risk for phishing and malware incursions... this is for you. Click <b>Mail-List Management</b> for more info!
Get the most out of your Microsoft software! We do small and sometimes private local classes in the use of all Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with several Adobe and Corel products. Click <b>Software Training</b> for more info!
Got an invoice from us? We accept all the usual formats! Click <b>The $$ Thing</b> to pay.