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Image Editing

Image editing works out to "fun with graphics" for us. We can create logos, personalized clip art, and other decor for your website, letterhead, posters, business cards, or media advertising. We also can "spiff" photos to remove blemishes, red-eye, and (in many cases) unwanted background noise.

Here are some logos we've created (in addition to our own):


... and a few interesting buttons/bullet-list icons used in client websites:

Bullet List tractor Spider Bullet List bullet

(OK, that last one IS a bit literal for a bullet list...) The point is that we can do buttons & icons that work with your palette and theme.

We also edit photos. Got a fave wedding photo, or one that might be if only that one cheerful wedding guest in the background could just be... not right there? Got a damaged genealogical photo that you'd love to have restored? We do those. Here are some other (fun) examples of things we can do:

Pals In the Woods Portrait of pals: Not as dicey as it looks. Man and bear were never in the same place at the same time. (Come on--did you really have to wonder?) Two photos were taken by a motion-activated, infrared game cam hours apart, and combined.
Jennifer Weebly's website banner Here's another collage image, this one for author Jennifer B. Fields' first website. Jennifer writes paranormal and magical-realism fiction.


Starter photo of PRGC 2015 Shooting Team Starter image of member not present for shoot Complete collage
... this ... plus this, taken
the next day...
... works out to this. Note the visually enhanced American flag as well.

In short, if you need personalized clip art or website buttons or simply have an image that needs to be tweaked, restored, or smoothed out a little, contact us for a consultation.