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...and some Really Bad Reasons for Having a Website

Again, there are dozens of lists like this out there so we're indebted to many for the ideas. Here are my favorites:

1. Everyone else has one.

2. You want a platform from which to be heard, but are vague about what you want to say.

3. You have a cool product or service but no idea how to market it. (The Internet isn't a fix-all. You have to have some idea of your marketing strategy going in.)

4. You want to save money. (There are costs associated with a website, too. See What It Really Takes to Have a Website.)

5. You have reams of content ready and waiting. (Will your target audience actually read all of it?)

6. You want a quick business fix. (Building a good site can take months of hard work, field testing, and micro-correction. It cannot be done in two weeks.)

7. You want to close your brick-and-board business. (Maybe, but a website often is more of a complement to your brick-and-board business. It's your online portal. Depending on your product, service, or market, it may never serve you well as your entire business presence.)

8. You always wanted to become a millionaire. (Waiter, reality check, please!)

9. You want a domain name on your business card. (Is that worth the cost? Again, see What It Really Takes to Have a Website.)


These are not-so-good reasons to go to the effort and expense of putting up a website, but there also are some quite good reasons for doing so.