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Types of Editing

We're good, and we're fast. Whether it's a blog, flyer, paper, short story, or grant request, we can smooth out the editorial bumps. If your written words need to be nurtured, polished, or merely made more navigable, contact us for a consultation. We have specialized editors available, including math and cooking editors.

We do the following kinds of edits and can tailor a combo approach that meets your needs. Check it out...

Developmental Editing

This kind of editing differs between technical/nonfiction works and fiction.

Technical and nonfiction works

This is a coherence check. We confirm that the scope is as intended, and that the writing meets your declared objectives. Among other things we'll check to be sure the title and any abstract and introduction consistently support those objectives.

Works of Fiction

Choppy presentation? Inconsistent voice? Characters acting out-of-character? This kind of editing looks at the entire piece. Some of the things we examine are: character consistency, plot flow, overall pace, adherence to theme, and granularity of detail.

Format Editing

Again, this differs depending on your material.

Technical and nonfiction works

We edit to ensure that your material is internally consistent in terms of font usage, spacing, column widths, indentation, page layout and so on. If your writing has headings, captions, or callouts we edit them for parallel construction. If you're part of an organization that uses a style guide, we can edit for adherence to those requirements, including citations.

Works of Fiction

Primarily for self-published works that must be "camera-ready" before submission. We edit to ensure that your material is internally consistent in terms of font usage, line spacing, page width, indentations, and so on.


This is the classic grammar, punctuation, and spelling stuff that they taught the day you were absent.


Fear not: our rates are quite reasonable and compare favorably with those of other editing services. We'll need three typical pages from your project in order to create an estimate.

Note: there are some circumstances that fall into the editorial category but that can add an unusual amount of time to an editing project. They may factor into your estimate. Such circumstances include:

  • Editing copy written by a non-native English speaker
  • Editing transcribed material
  • Editing handwritten manuscripts

Contact us, and let's work together to get your words out to the waiting world!