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Other Website Services

In addition to writing and editing, we offer the following a la carte services. Contact us for a quote; we're pretty reasonable.

E-commerce—Not all websites require e-commerce; not all e-commerce projects require the full-bore (and fairly expensive) set up. Some require FEC-compliance. Want to explore options that will allow you to sell your products or take donations online? Talk with us.

Website statistics—We proudly use Google Analytics to provide you with stats about your website's performance across a wide array of content, behavioral, and technical issues. Using these reports you can, for example, assess whether and how well your recent advertising is working to attract your target market.

Usability testing of an existing website—Is your current website the solution you hoped it would be? We can review it from the perspective of a user. Our reviews give you solid, clear comments that you can take back to your website designer in order to create real-world improvements to your page. Reviews include: clarity/understandability of layout; accuracy of existing navigational aids; missing navigational aids; keyword assessment; accuracy of all links; logical disconnects in content; ambiguities in text; and unprofessional-looking grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. If needed we can coordinate and deliver the results of a usability test with additional users. Such a test can tell you not only about your website's ease of use but whether or not critical information is being noticed. Cost depends on the number of pages in your site and the complexity of each page. Group testing involves additional fees.

Let us know how we can help.